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South Africa Revival 2009
April 1, 2009 thru July 15, 2009

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Voices Of The Tribe Ministry, Inc.

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A Modest Proposal: A Mission to
Sebokeng, Gauteng. A Region in South Africa

"Go and make disciples of all nations..." (Matthew 28:19)

    The Need

    People in Africa are facing many crises. With the onset of political liberation forty decades ago, the ordinary African believed that political liberation would usher in opportunities for improved social and economic conditions.

    However, with decades of failures in the socio-political and economic arenas, and faced with the reality of an unending cycle of poverty, disease, corruption, squandering of public funds and resources, today the average African is bewildered, disappointed and seized with self-doubt and despair.

    With very little social institution and structures to rely on, religious activities are exploding across Africa to close this gap. Evangelical efforts have resulted in an increased number of Christian converts. Some estimates have 25,000 people coming to Christ every week. Unfortunately, however, this increased growth has not resulted in a deepening of walk and growth in the Christian faith.

    Christians, generally, are not well grounded in the truths of the gospel, their world views are not wholly biblically centered, and the outward display of their faith in society is not truly evident.

    The failures in African social, political and economic areas are traceable to bad leadership. In the same vein, the church in Africa has also been plagued with poor leadership. Couple this problem with the masses of new African Christians coming to Christ and His church and there results a perfect storm of insufficient leadership. Therefore, there is a crying need for leaders with servant attitudes who can stand in the void and lead.

    Voices Of The Tribe Ministry, Inc. seeks to identify, develop and work with such leaders in Africa, with a focus in South Africa, and in particular Sebokeng, Gauteng. Our aim is to develop leaders and focus their leadership skills; grounded in the values of integrity, justice and fairness, who, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, would be equipped to lead with tenderness and love.

    Sebokeng, Gauteng

    Sebokeng, Gauteng is a township in southern Gauteng, South Africa near the industrial city of Vanderbijlpark. Sebokeng was established in 1965 by the then apartheid government who erected over 18,000 houses. In September 1984 there were violent clashes between the South African security forces and the residents. When the fighting ceased in 1994, citizens were able to begin forming a stable community.

    Today, however, the situation in Sebokeng is one of desperation. It has one of the world’s highest per capita debts at $1,000 (U.S.). The average income per person is less than $500 (U.S.). Sebokeng also has a high rates of AIDS with an estimated 20% of the population believed to be infected with the HIV virus.

    Voices Of The Tribe Ministry, Inc. believes that the Christian faith, if allowed and encourage to permeate society, would profoundly improve it. In Sebokeng, and all over Africa, the door is open for God to do great work. Our vision is to see Biblical values integrated into the everyday lives and the social structure of the people and the region.

    According to the Sebokeng Evangelism Committee (SEC) 2000 survey, approximately 66% of the children of Sebokeng (roughly 6.3 million) are outside the church. Additionally, there are approximately 2 million adults who have no church affiliation who need to be reached and invited to join the church. The need for outreach in this region can not be over-emphasized.

    In Sebokeng, the Christian faith has had a strong appeal with about 65% of the urban population professing to be Christians. However, there are many nominal Christians and the task for the Church in Sebokeng is one of “re-evangelism” and discipleship.

    Voices Of The Tribe Ministry, Inc. has a history of developing programs to assist communities who are confronted by the harsh realities of political violence, war, AIDS and homelessness in the countries of Cuba, Haiti, and Zimbabwe. Therefore, we are ideally suited to confront the challenges of Sebokeng, Gauteng.


    Voices Of The Tribe Ministry, Inc. is a God-fearing, faith based, Jesus Christ exalting, Holy Spirit filled ministry, committed to developing and maintaining positive relationships. We strive to feed and care for anyone in need regardless of their faith in the spirit of servant leadership. We share the full gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

    Mission Statement

    To Share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Sebokeng, Gauteng.

    The purpose and mission is to visit Sebokeng, Gauteng region for a period of thirty days to build relationships with African Christians, support their work and encourage their faith in God. It is our intent to travel in the Spring of 2009.

    Our mission goals are to work for peace, social justice and reconciliation in the church and society through training and equipping leaders to provide leadership that is defined by Christian love, integrity, justice and fairness so that the communicated Gospel of Jesus Christ will result in positive, enduring changes in the lives of people and within their institutions.

    We will accomplish this by: Preaching thirty sermons over thirty days; Conducting thirty youth health educational workshops; and Conducting fifteen pastoral training workshops for new pastors
You Can Support Voices Of The Tribe Ministry, Inc.

Our ministry support comes from individuals, churches, organizations, foundations and grants. Reverend Joplin believes God has called him to work in Africa. A plan has been developed and it is ready to be implemented. We need your help and support to roll out this plan and help people in need in Sebokeng.

Please take this opportunity to pray and ask the Lord how He would like you to help. Know that no matter the level of your assistance, it is appreciated and we believe that you will be blessed for your contribution. Thank you for your support

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